Corrugated Fibreboard Pallets

Corrugated Pallets

The lightweight pallet is entirely made from FSC certified corrugated board and is therefore 100% recyclable. These pallets can be produced in any desired size, quality and implementation.

Thanks to the entire production process, the pallets of corrugated fibreboard are free of vermin and parasites, therefore it does not need any extra ISPM 15 treatment when used in food sectors. A pallet can also be integrated with a bottom tray to simplify operations and save on loading meters!

Description Possibilities
Fefco Pallet
Qualities EB-flute - 4,5 mm double wall
BC-flute - 7 mm double wall
EBE-flute - 6 mm triple wall
BBC-flute - 10 mm triple wall
Boardsizes depending on quality and quantity:
400 x 600 mm up to 2.400 x 4.000 mm
Quantities depending on quality and size:
from 25 units
Print no

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