Corrugated Fibreboard Sheets

Corrugated Sheets

As a bottom sheet, separator or top cover, sheets of corrugated board are optimal deployable for storing, protecting and transporting your products. Custom made from 50 x 50 mm to 2400 x 6000 mm in more than 100 qualities. Blank or printed and optionally provided with folding lines or a perforation.

Description Possibilities
Fefco's F0110, F0404, F0405, F0900 - F0910, F0913 - F0929, F0951 - F0970
Qualities G-flute - 0,8 mm single wall
F-flute - 1,1 mm single wall
E-flute - 1,5 mm single wall
B-flute - 3 mm single wall
C-flute - 4 mm single wall
EE-flute - 3 mm double wall
EB-flute - 4,5 mm double wall
BC-flute - 7 mm double wall
CA-flute - 9 mm double wall
EBE-flute - 6 mm triple wall
BBC-flute - 10 mm triple wall
CAA-flute - 14 mm triple wall
Next Generation Board N-B-flute - 2,3 mm single wall (also called D-flute)
N-BE-flute - 3,5 mm double wall
N-EB-flute - 4,0 mm double wall
N-BC-flute - 5,7 mm double wall
Boardsizes depending on quality and quantity:
50 x 50 mm up to 2.400 x 6.000 mm (or 3.200 x 2.400 mm)
Quantities depending on quality and size:
from 25 units
Print depending on quality, size and quantity:
screen printing, digital printing, flexographic printing (flexo), litho-laminating (offset)

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