Corrugated Fibreboard Sheets
2nd Price increase in 2017
23 Sep 2017

Second price increase in 2017

Paper prices have again risen sharply in the past month.

Due to continued tightness in the paper market, the paper prices increased again in August by at least € 50,- per ton for kraftliners (new paper) and € 20,- per ton for the testliners and fluting (recycled paper). Total this year, the kraftliner increased by € 150,- per ton and testliners and fluting with € 100,- per ton.

Despite our efficient operations, we can not cope with these raw material cost increases. We are therefore obliged to adjust our sales prices for the corrugated packaging for deliveries as of October 15th, 2017. The price increase on corrugated products is entirely dependening on the paper composition of the packages and the moment of the offer made.

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